Proper Firearm Etiquette When Using 308 Muzzle Brakes

In general, shooters who have equipped their firearms with 308 muzzle brakes need to be mindful of other participants on a shooting range as they do not want to offend anyone unnecessarily.

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One way would be to forewarn others that they need to wear earmuffs around you as it may be too noisy once you pull the trigger. Proper etiquette is after all at the order of the day.

However, you are not the only one who needs to display caution and show respect for other people when target practicing on a gun range.

It is good to know what is allowed and what not when you are engaged in target practicing.

Follow along as we cover some good principles to follow when on a gun range.

Gun Range

Without any further ado, here are some rules to adhere to:

  • Never place your finger on the trigger unless you are ready to shoot. This is NRA’s second rule of practicing gun safety. Abiding by it will most certainly prevent many an accident. By sticking your fingers inside the trigger guard prematurely, you are already sending a message out that you are a danger to everyone present at the shooting range. Rather keep your finger straightened along the frame of your handgun. This way everybody knows you are knowledgeable about guns and safe to have around.
  • Refrain from offering unsolicited advice to other shooters on the range. Believe me when I tell that if anyone wanted your input as to how they should handle their firearm, they would have done so before they even arrived at the range. This bad habit is especially prevalent among men who feel they have the right to offer advice to a woman who came alone to practice shooting at the range. A word of advice, it is best to keep your nose on your own lane.
  • When in possession of a shotgun, do not load it with anything other than slugs on a public shooting range. Do yourself a favor and be kind on everyone’s nerves by keeping your buckshot and birdshot for use on private ranges. It sure turns out nasty and also shocking when someone shows up with a new tactical shotgun and turn their target and their neighbors into swiss cheese. Utilize slugs as they are solid projectiles that is much safer to use.
  • Be respectful of other shooters at all times by showing a bit of consideration when you practice your target shooting using a large caliber gun fitted with a 308 muzzle brake. You do not want to be classed as someone out of the Navy Seals who are busy preparing for war or something along those lines. Larger rifles often deliver massive amounts of pressure and shock waves. Especially when it’s fitted with muzzle brakes. Show some due diligence by waiting until you can gain access to zero large-caliber rifles or an outdoor range before you strut your stuff. Everyone with sensitive ears will certainly appreciate it. If you insist on firing your large bore or muzzle brake equipped firearm, be kind and have a word with the range officer first as they will most likely direct you to a lonely lane on the far end of the range.
  • Never place your target below or above eye level. Know that bullets do not stop once they hit home on the cardboard target. No sir, they zip straight through and speed through the backstop before it finally comes to a halt. That is to say if the target was positioned at eye level. Say the shooter placed his target at eye level while standing and decided to sit on his haunches while taking his shot; then you can be sure his shot will go to the ceiling. If the target is too low, his bullets will go into the floor. If you are not careful, the range officer may hold you liable for any damages caused.

As a word of caution, it is even more dangerous should you position your targets incorrectly on an outdoor range as who knows where the bullets will and in the end. We’ve heard reports of nasty lawsuits due to a lack of knowing your safety rules before attempting target shooting in an outdoor range.

Consult MadHouse Design for more information regarding safety precautions and gun safety when you choose to equip your rifle with a muzzle brake.

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